Client Reviews

Sanaz, I want to thank you and your team for doing such an amazing job. You are not only a highly qualified attorney with an outstanding skill set in bankruptcy law, but you are also an attorney with heart and compassion. You took a moment in my life that felt devastating and brought the human element to me. I knew from the onset after our first call that you were the person for the job. Your guidance, patience, and command of your craft brought me and my family comfort. I would not have made it across the finish line if it weren't for you and your team and the love of my family. Feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit.

- JG

Sanaz is an amazing attorney. She was professional, thorough as well as timely in answering all questions. She was cautious with all details and helped me through the entire process definitely recommend her.

- Aaron M.

To be frank, I couldn't have asked for a better attorney for something as hard to do as file for bankruptcy. Though I am on top of my details, she is so thorough, that if I had been neglectful, she and Chris would have helped keep me on track.

- Mark G.

I had a consultation with Ms. Bereliani. She gave me great information and referred me to resources I didn't know was available to me. I felt she was honest, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. I definitely recommend her.

- Mabel R.

I can say I wish I never had to hire a lawyer for bankruptcy services, but I couldn't have picked a better lawyer for the job! Sanaz was so caring and kind and walked me through the entire process step by step. Everything was smooth and easy and she was great at helping calm my nerves. She was always available to answer any and all questions I had. I highly recommend her to anyone going through this situation! She's simply the best!

- Cassie C.

I wish I didn't have to fill for BK.. But Sanaz was a fantastic choice. she made the process smooth as can be. She was very helpful and so quick to respond to any of my question. Chris was also there when Sanaz wasn't available this was also such a plus to her law firm. I am really thankful I chose Sanaz as my first attorney ever!!!!

- Liz A.

I have a close working relationship with Ms. Bereliani, and can vouch for how great of an attorney she is. She is knowledgeable, aggressive, experienced, and intelligent - all of which is necessary for the recipe to a great attorney. I highly recommend her!

- Sheila E.

Fast response and reliable. Sanaz brought clarity to our case and dug deeper to bring up some concerns that I didn't even think of, which really helped in a long run.

- Lena B.

Sanaz and her office are wonderful...very quick response...she was very nice...she did a great job for me. I suggest Bereliani Law Firm to everyone! I've never felt more comfortable with any other lawyer.

- Omd N.

Sanaz is amazing at what she does! I recommend her to all my clients and will continue to do so!

- Roy L.

SaNaz at Bereliani Law Firm is exactly what I look for when I need professional advice. She is extremely knowledgable in her field, diligent, empathetic, and gets the job done. I would recommend anyone to Bereliani Law Firm.

- Leah W.

Sanaz and Chris were amazing. The answered all my questions about the process in a timely manner and always were on top of everything. I'm happy I was referred to them. My credit score jumped up 93 points as soon as the bankruptcy was discharged. Amazed!

- Elena A.

Sanaz Bereliani is the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Town!

- Benjamin M.